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Timothy Johnson

A Physics with Astrophysics graduate and level designer specializing in the Source engine. You can contact me here or by yelling really loud.

Contract 2017

Ququmannz / Sacrifice Payload / Arena

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

Working over 2016 and 2017 I produced a pair of levels for the Mayann community project. Ququmannz served as a direct story continuation from the Source Filmmaker short produced by other members of the team.

With Sacrifice I looked to use the assets already created for Ququmannz and experiment with new gamemodes. Sacrifice takes the classic arena mode 6v6 fight to the death and ramps up the tension by allowing players to revive their entire team with an act of self-sacrifice.

arena sacrifice
mayann 1 mayann 2 mayann 3 mayann 4

Contract 2014

Snowplow Capture Points

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

In 2013 I joined the small team working on the End of The Line update for Team Fortress 2. Designed to release along side the End of The Line short, the level needed to mirror key elements from the video and bring them into classic Team Fortress gameplay.

The project evolved a lot in the early months with main development beginning proper in spring of 2014. By summer 2014 Joe Radak joined the team as the level split into two stages and we split the work between us.

The End of The Line update was released in early December 2014 and Snowplow was released along side it.

cp snowplow
cp_snowplow 2 cp_snowplow 3 cp_snowplow 5 cp_snowplow 4

Personal 2011

Haste Payload

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

In late June 2011 ran a contest lasting just 72 hours; Haste was made using 45 of those 72 hours and with just a little bit of additional work after the contest ended, it's ready to present. Haste is a compact single stage payload with three control points, Blu must escort their payload to destroy the Red team's radio observatory.

pl haste
pl_haste 2 pl_haste 3 pl_haste 5 pl_haste 4

Valve Software 2010

Mann Manor Capture Points

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

From mid July to late September 2010, ran an artpass competition sponsored by Valve. Taking inspiration from the Team Fortess comics I decided on a halloween theme centred around Redmond Mann's Mansion, this was my entry. It was announced joint winner of the contest and bought by Valve for the Halloween event and released as an Official community map for Team Fortress 2 on October 27 2010.

Contains custom models and materials made by Alex Kreeger, along with a few materials made by myself.

Artpass contest entry, cp_manor
cp_manor 2 cp_manor 3 cp_manor 5 cp_manor 4

Personal 2010


Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

With gameplay aimed mainly at 6v6 competitive matches the original control point versio of stark marks a departure from my usual inclination towards pub games. Set in a night time snowfall stark required many custom assets, snow textures, models and particles and a heavily modified skybox.

For the conversion to King of the Hill the middle was removed and the two sides reworked to turn it into a fast paced battle for the new middle. New paths were required from spawns making the map quite different to its original mode yet still reminiscent enough to bear the same name.

Contains custom models, particles and materials made by myself.

cp stark

Control Points

cp_stark 2 cp_stark 3 cp_stark 5 cp_stark 4

King of the Hill

koth_stark 2 koth_stark 3 koth_stark 5 koth_stark 4

Personal 2009

Slate Capture the Flag

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

In a radical change to Team Fortress 2's capture the flag mode slate is an attack/defence twist similar to TFC's Dustbowl map. Players must race to bring the intelligence forward to the next capture zone to progress. This map and gamemode heavily punish poor defences as much as poorly coordinated attacks. Short round timers put the pressure on to cap quickly. Entered in a contest on which as a staff member I was exempt from winning, scores however put ctf_slate at third place.

Contains custom models and materials made by myself. Thanks to Tom Pritchard for help with the third stage.

ctf slate
ctf_slate 2 ctf_slate 3 ctf_slate 5 ctf_slate 4

Personal 2009

Furnace Creek Capture Points

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

A Joint project with fellow mapper Wade Fabry; Furnace Creek is a three control point attack/defence map for Team Fortress 2. In an attempt to revitalise the gamemode by finding all the good things in Valve's Gravepit and eliminating the negatives. With a strong red sunset, Furnace Creek has very unique and memorable lighting.

Contains custom models and materials made by myself, Jeroen Dessaux and Aeon Bollig. Co-authored by Wade Fabry.

Furnace Creek
cp_furnace 2 cp_furnace 3 cp_furnace 5 cp_furnace 4

Personal 2009

The Devil's Halfacre Payload

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

A second attempt at payload for Team Fortress 2, this time for a contest on which as a staff member I was exempt from winning. Picking up the Badwater Basin style payload mode Halfacre has wide open environments. The large amount of natural rock formations and cliffs allowed me to get to proper grips with source displacements, something I enjoy using thoroughly.

Contains custom materials made by Wade Fabry and myself.

basic image alt text
pl_halfacre 2 pl_halfacre 3 pl_halfacre 5 pl_halfacre 4

Valve Software 2009

Hoodoo Payload

Team Fortress 2 - Source Engine

My first major and most well known major map for Team Fortress 2, Hoodoo was started a few days prior to the update that brought the payload mode to the game, keen to be the first with a working payload map I had it working less than a day after the update rolled out. Jeroen Dessaux made a bombcart model for it, a highlight of the map. Valve contacted me about its purchase and on May 21st 2009 pl_hoodoo was rolled out in an update to Team Fortress 2 as an officialised community map.

Contains custom materials made by Wade Fabry and myself and models by Jeroen Dessaux and Drew Fletcher.

pl_hoodoo 2 pl_hoodoo 3 pl_hoodoo 5 pl_hoodoo 4