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Borderlands 2 is actively punishing solo players

Borderlands 2

This post is spoiler free:

I’ve been playing far more Borderlands in the last few weeks than I ought, it’s a fantastic game that has taken the good aspects from the previous game and polished them into a mirror shine. There are also many welcome new features like Badass rank and Steamworks, but there is only major element of the game that hasn’t improved in quite the way I’d have liked. It’s called ‘Fight for Your Life’.

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Deus Ex

Deus Ex

Disclaimer: the first part of this was written months and months ago in a fit of rage:

Disclaimer 2: Spoilers follow:

So due to Eidos’ frankly terrible game design, I have a choice between continuing (and failing) to attempt to kill this third boss and eventually gouging out my eyes and recreating a scene from Event Horizon, or restarting the game and playing the last 15+ hours from the start because my save pair only extends back an hour (a length of time that in most games, is enough to save from any fatal mistake)

Little did I know there’d be a choice four hours before the consequences that screw you over. Four hours… Really Eidos? You really want to separate a choice with it’s consequences by four hours of gameplay so that any chance of reloading a save to make the other choice is gone? » Continue reading “Deus Ex”

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Half life: Precursor

Before I begin, this will contain spoilers so if you don’t want any stop reading and play Precursor first http://precursormod.com/

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Dead Space: a dissection

I foolishly bought Dead Space in early December instead of waiting for the post-Christmas Steam sales when it was about a quarter of the price, still, I think it was just about worth what I paid for it and despite the problems I’m about to discuss I did find it to be somewhat enjoyable after getting used to the very sluggish controls. An average gaming experience in all I’d say, and definitely a good lesson of how not to do horror games.

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