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Territory Control


From the very first few days playing Team Fortress 2 I’d decided that tc_hydro was the coolest map. from never knowing where you’d be attacking to the cool industrial style, everything about it was fun for me. The general playerbase though, didn’t share my enthusiasm for it. Hydro quickly fell by the wayside of TF2’s ever growing pool of official maps and today barely manages to hold more players than the arena maps. Even OrangeX has more players!

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Introducing pl_haste!


TF2maps.net held a 72-hour competition, complete a map between 6PM on the 27th and 6PM on the 30th of June. I hunkered down and after 45 hours of work (an hour of that being testing with players) I emerged from my lair with an near-finished map. » Continue reading “Introducing pl_haste!”

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