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Introducing pl_haste!


TF2maps.net held a 72-hour competition, complete a map between 6PM on the 27th and 6PM on the 30th of June. I hunkered down and after 45 hours of work (an hour of that being testing with players) I emerged from my lair with an near-finished map.
I could simply leave it as it was, the gameplay is adequate and the level of detail is also just about up to standard. It would be a shame to leave it so close to being properly finished, so work continues.

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent my time doing:

  • 1-8 – Blocking out layout, laying down the track, basic spawn entities
  • Sleep
  • 8-10 – Finishing up to first alpha level
  • 11 – First test with bots
  • 12-14 – Detailing Blu respawn room
  • 15-20 – Detailing up to control point A and Red respawn
  • 21 – First test with human players
  • Sleep
  • 22-24 – Finishing up detail around control point A
  • 25 – Second test with human players
  • 26-33 – Detailing the interior stretch between control points A and B
  • 34-38 – Detailing between control point B and Red respawn
  • 39 – Sealing and clipping
  • 40 – Fixing leaks
  • 41 – Lighting checks
  • 42 – 3D skybox
  • 43-44 – Final hours of tinkering
  • 45 – Threw in satellite dish as a focal point, final compile, package, submit

I’m up to hour 52 now and ready for a proper public release. I honestly can’t believe that in just three days (did you notice I only slept twice?) I have a completely new map that didn’t have any planning or forethought. It shows me what I can do when the pressure is on.

The gallery of progress shots is available here on flickr

The main page will be updated shortly where you’ll be able to download pl_haste.

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  1. Chris Said,

    July 8, 2012 @ 7:06 am

    I use pl_haste_b1 on my server but it has a bug. In before the second point it is possible for the cart to stuck in the automatic opening door if none is near to open it :(. Really gamebreaking bug.

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