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Drop the device in the Aperture Science Equipment Recovery Annex

I’m pretty much done with mapping for Team Fortress 2, I’ve had a great time working with it and have seen some amazing maps come out of the community around me. Now though, I’m turning back towards Portal. Single player mapping is an entirely different beast to multiplayer. It’s something I really enjoy and what I started with, Glad to be back.

I feel like I learn so much more about the engine when working with multiplayer, every time you want something to happen, you need to find a new entity to do exactly what you want. Sometimes the entity you try out doesn’t do what you want it to, and you don’t end up using it, but you had to learn how it works anyway, which I love. » Continue reading “Drop the device in the Aperture Science Equipment Recovery Annex”

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Go find some rubber duckies

Thanks to everyone who has said nice things about my entry, please also thank Rexy as his contributions really helped make it something special. Congratulations to 3Dnj as well, a really great entry. That is not to say the others were not great, there were many fantastic entries and lots of effort put in all round.

When the maps go live I’d like to challenge you » Continue reading “Go find some rubber duckies”

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