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The art has passed.

Well the artpass contest is over and it’s time to relax a little before resuming work on the projects I’d put to one side. University has also just started up again, on this semester’s agenda: quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, Lagrangian dynamics, galaxies and programming in C++. Fun stuff!

I didn’t expect the artpass stuff to go down quite so well, my portfolio has had more hits since Saturday than it’s entire lifetime in it’s current form. Which is great, I guess after the storm dies down the traffic will return to a slightly higher level than before.

Several cool people have uploaded videos of artpass_ym to Youtube, some gameplay and a flythough. Thanks to these guys, massive thanks to Rexy and Acumen for their props and thanks also go out to everyone who likes what we’ve done and is playing it on their servers.

I’ve already got a whole list of  fixes and changes to make to the artpass for when I get the time to revisit it. I also have some Halloween hats planned to contribute which I’ll probably start tomorrow, watch this space!

No images this time, sorry 🙁

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Always double check your compile settings.

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3D isn’t nearly 3D enough!

I’ve been working almost exclusively with 3D for years and 3D has only just taken off in cinemas, we’re still stuck with red/blue glasses for everything else unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for a fancy monitor and some less than amazing shuttered glasses.

I saw a magazine filled with 3D space pictures the other month, from the lunar landings 40 years ago to pictures of distant nebula taken by Hubble. Pretty cool stuff. Plus now I also have some red/blue glasses as well the blue/yellow glasses I picked up last year for a gimmicky TV ‘3D week’.

What better way to show off level design and modeling than in 3D? » Continue reading “3D isn’t nearly 3D enough!”

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Templates and how they’ve helped.

Throughout the process of detailing my artpass entry Rexy has been making models and textures for me. He’s made some really awesome assets. This is a screenshot from one of the template’s we have where he can throw down the assets in the way he sees them being used. Since we’re using dropbox (which I highly recommend) to share files between us I can quickly see how he is imagining an area. » Continue reading “Templates and how they’ve helped.”

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