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Swapping from Unity to Unreal 4 – Pt 2

Anything done per frame for an actor happens in Tick( float DeltaSeconds ), which answers another question from down the line about what Time.deltaTime would be. Ticking can be halted by sending false to SetActorTickEnabled(). Then while ticking is disabled you can manually force a tick with TickActor() (I think). Hoever to get an actor to actually use its tick function, you need to start it off with PrimaryActorTick.bCanEverTick = true; in the constructor. » Continue reading “Swapping from Unity to Unreal 4 – Pt 2”

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Swapping from Unity to Unreal 4 – pt1

I’m just going to throw down some questions, solutions and other junk here as I go.

I’ve found that Unreal 4 has a far higher barrier of entry than Unity, due to how new it is as a platform it just doesn’t have the wealth of information about it that Unity does. I’ve found many posts from people asking questions met with inconclusive answers or wrong answers or in the sadder cases no answers at all. I never found this when searching for Unity things, there were always dozens of questions asking exactly what I was, each with fantastic quality answers to everything.

So to help with this I’m going to try and document some of my struggles in the interest of clarifying things for myself and hopefully being corrected if I’ve assumed something wrong. » Continue reading “Swapping from Unity to Unreal 4 – pt1”

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