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Templates and how they’ve helped.

Throughout the process of detailing my artpass entry Rexy has been making models and textures for me. He’s made some really awesome assets. This is a screenshot from one of the template’s we have where he can throw down the assets in the way he sees them being used. Since we’re using dropbox (which I highly recommend) to share files between us I can quickly see how he is imagining an area.

A template screenshot from Hammer filled with props made by Rexy

These are some (but not all) of the mansion themed assets he’s produced. We have templates like this for a graveyard and a library as well as a prop library which has all of the props he’s made as well as all the props from a similar outdoors theme to the one we’ve picked. Rather amazingly we’re staying quite low on the filesize of all this custom content.

I’ve spent an unnatural amount of time splintering wood in hammer this week, it’s a slow and tedious job to do so I think after this contest is over I’m going to try and steer clear of any broken floors walls and ceilings, ones made out of wood anyway.

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