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Here to jinx another project


Coming out of the beginning of 2015 and shedding a few TF2 projects that were going nowhere exciting (and putting one on hold that definitely was going somewhere exciting) I’ve picked up Unity 3D again. I didn’t get on with Unreal and now Unity 5 has all the pro features in, the fact that I already know how to use unity makes it a far more appealing option than starting over with UE4.

So over the last month I’ve been working on something that I’ve probably just jinxed and doomed to failure by typing this post about it. Hopefully I’ll keep the ball rolling on this one, it’s almost been a full month and it looks (to my naive eyes at least) that it could go somewhere.


Quickly became more fleshed out:

And currently looks like this:

It’s been a fun and exciting month, I’m really looking forward to what the next few bring.

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