A Physics with Astrophysics graduate and level designer specializing in the Source engine. You can contact me here or by yelling really loud.

Starting out

I’m taking a lot of time recently to work on my website, between playing Starcraft 2, working on my artpass map for the big TF2 contest and sleeping a lot. I want to create a singe unified portfolio where I can show off my work and blog where I can show my methods, share what challenges me and discuss anything related to what I’m doing. I imagine that I’ll continue to write articles for Nodraw.net and each time I’ll add an extra snippet on here.

First up, some of the cool stuff from my artpass entry, I’ll slowly be revealing more and more of it as time goes on. Hitting the final month means more and more of it is nearing completion. This picture shows a little of the area around Blu team’s spawn. I haven’t yet played much with the environmental light settings, in fact I’ve hardly compiled at all. Through taking this shot I can see I need to increase the ambient light a fair bit. The sky here is just a temporary affair, a brand new skybox is near the top of the list to do. A nice night time one with a very prominent moon providing a lot of light. The trees and scarecrow model (which can hardly be seen due to the poor light) are from Rexy, he’s helping me out with a fair few models and textures, and the tractor is Acumen’s fine work.

Detail area showing a pumpkin patch, scarecrow and silhouetted trees.

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